Alveo™ Data Center Accelerator Cards FRU Data Specification

This specification describes the detailed design and layout of field replaceable unit (FRU) content supported in all Xilinx Alveo™ cards. The FRU information is primarily used to provide inventory information. All major field replaceable units should have an EEPROM that includes, at a minimum, the serial number, part number, manufacturer information, version number, and can be read through software. The FRU specification is supported the U200, U250, U280, U50x, U30 and U55x Alveo™ Data Center Cards.

Alveo™ FRU Architecture

FRU Header

FRU Board Info

FRU Product Info

FRU Multi Records

Appendix A

Xilinx Support

For support resources such as answers, documentation, downloads, and forums, see the Alveo Accelerator Cards Xilinx Community Forum.


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