Alveo Cards

Alveo Card Debug Guide

Quickly isolate, debug, and resolve a wide range of issues within the Vitis/XRT flow, from card installation through hardware validation.

Out-of-Band Management Specification

Describes out-of-band (OoB) support available for the U200, U250, U280, U50x, U30 and U55x Alveo™ data center cards. Out-of-band support is implemented in the Satellite Controller (SC) firmware, which supports communication with the server Board Management Controller (BMC) over the SMBus/I2C interface on the PCIe® edge connector. The underlying protocols supported are standard I2C protocol and PLDM Over MCTP Over SMBus.

Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) Specification

This specification describes the detailed design and layout of field replaceable unit (FRU) content supported in all Xilinx Alveo™ cards. The FRU information is primarily used to provide inventory information. All major field replaceable units should have an EEPROM that includes, at a minimum, the serial number, part number, manufacturer information, version number, and can be read through software. The FRU specification is supported by the U200, U250, U280, U50x, U30 and U55x Alveo™ Data Center Cards.