Vitis Platform Creation Tutorials


Xilinx provides base platforms for Xilinx Evaluation Boards to allow for quick out-of-the-box experimentation.

For additional customization or more in-depth development on Xilinx boards, or to develop on custom board, you might want to create a fully customized hardware platform.

These tutorials introduce the basics of platform creation and provide step-by-step tutorials for creating custom Vitis and Vitis AI™ ready platforms.


Module 1-Platform Creation Overview

Module 2-Vitis Custom Embedded Platform Creation Tutorial on MPSoC

Module 3-Versal Custom Platform Creation Tutorial

Design Tutorials



Custom Embedded Platform Creation Example on KV260

This tutorial extends the ZCU104 custom embedded platform creation example to the KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit.

Feature Tutorials



Incorporation Stream Interfaces

This tutorial demonstrates how you can stream data between Vitis kernels and AXI stream connections exposed in the platform.