template class xf::data_analytics::regression::internal::ridgeRegressionSGDTrainer

#include "linearRegression.hpp"


ridge regression training using SGD framework


MType datatype of regression, support double and float
WAxi AXI interface width to load training data.
WData Data width of feature data type.
BurstLen Length of burst read.
D Number of features that processed each cycle
DDepth DDepth * D is max feature numbers supported.
RAMWeight Use which kind of RAM to store weight, could be LUTRAM, BRAM or URAM.
RAMIntercept Use which kind of RAM to store intercept, could be LUTRAM, BRAM or URAM.
RAMAvgWeight Use which kind of RAM to store Avg of Weigth, could be LUTRAM, BRAM or URAM.
RAMAvgIntercept Use which kind of RAM to store Avg of intercept, could be LUTRAM, BRAM or URAM.
template <
    typename MType,
    int WAxi,
    int WData,
    int BurstLen,
    int D,
    int DDepth,
    RAMType RAMWeight,
    RAMType RAMIntercept,
    RAMType RAMAvgWeight,
    RAMType RAMAvgIntercept
class ridgeRegressionSGDTrainer: public xf::data_analytics::common::SGDFramework

// fields

MType regVal

Inherited Members

// typedefs

typedef Gradient::DataType MType

// fields

static const int WAxi
static const int D
static const int Depth
ap_uint <32> offset
ap_uint <32> rows
ap_uint <32> cols
ap_uint <32> bucketSize
float fraction
bool ifJump
MType stepSize
MType tolerance
bool withIntercept
ap_uint <32> maxIter
Gradient gradProcessor



void setTrainingConfigs (
    MType inputStepSize,
    MType inputTolerance,
    MType inputRegVal,
    bool inputWithIntercept,
    ap_uint <32> inputMaxIter

Set up configs related to SGD iteration.


inputStepSize step size of SGD iteratin.
inputTolerance Convergence tolerance.
inputRegVal regularazation value for LASSO.
intputWithIntercept If training includes intercept or not.
inputMaxIter Max iteration number of SGD.


bool updateParams (ap_uint <32> iterationIndex)

update weight and intercept based on gradient


iterationIndex iteraton index.


void train (ap_uint <WAxi>* ddr)

training function


ddr input Data