namespace dataframe

// namespaces

namespace xf::data_analytics::dataframe::internal

// enums

enum TypeFlags

// structs

struct FieldInfo
struct Node
struct Object


#include "xf_data_analytics/dataframe/read_from_dataframe.hpp"
void readFromDataFrame (
    int field_type [17],
    ap_uint <64>* ddr_buff,
    hls::stream <Object>& obj_strm

read the data frame format data from DDR and pack into object streams


field_type the data type of each field id (may obtained from schema)
ddr_buff the ddr that saves data
obj_strm output Object stream


#include "xf_data_analytics/dataframe/write_to_dataframe.hpp"
void writeToDataFrame (
    hls::stream <Object>& obj_strm,
    ap_uint <64>* ddr_buff

write object stream data to DDR

all field_id in each json line is unique maximum supported field_id number is 16


obj_strm input stream data with type Object Struct
ddr_buff DDR buffer to save parserd data in DataFrame format