struct xf::graph::L3::Handle::singleOP

#include "xf_graph_L3_handle.hpp"


setup information of single operation


operationName operation’s name
kernelName kernel’s name, if kernelName is defined, kernelAlias will not be needed
kernelAlias kernel’s name, if kernelName is not defined, kernelName will not be needed
requestLoad percentation of computing unit’s occupation. Maximum is 100, which represents that 100% of the computing unit are occupied. By using lower requestLoad, the hardware resources can be pipelined and higher throughput can be achieved
xclbinFile xclbin file path
deviceNeeded needed FPGA board number
deviceIDs FPGA board IDs
// fields

char* operationName
char* kernelName
char* kernelAlias
unsigned int requestLoad
char* xclbinFile
char* xclbinFile2
unsigned int deviceNeeded
unsigned int cuPerBoard
std::vector <unsigned int> deviceIDs