FCN Kernel Test

L2 FCN kernels have been tested against the implementation in C++ on host side.

Test FCN kernels

There are two pre-build L2 FCN kernels, one with 1 FCN CU (Compute Unit) and the other one with 4 FCN CUs. Both of the two kernels can be tested individually. To launch the testing process, please navigate to each testcase directory under L2/tests/hw/mlp/.

make run TARGET=sw_emu/hw_emu

The above command will test and verify the FCN kernel via Vitis software-emulation or hardware-emulation. Once the emulations are pased, one can use the following command to build FPGA bitstream and launch the kernel on Alveo U250/U50 FPGA card.

make build TARGET=hw
make run TARGET=hw