Create MPSoC Based Embedded Platforms

An MPSoC Based Embedded platform defines a base hardware and software architecture and application context. We provide a few scripts and some basic source files as an example to create a custom MPSoC platform.

  • src/platform/zcu102ng
  • src/platform/zcu102ng_svm

Before creating platform, make sure to properly set up environment for vivado. It takes same procedures to create platform for zcu102ng and zcu102ng_svm. Take zcu102ng as an example.

NOTE The purpose of this page is only for easy to get started. If you are interested in details about creating Shell for a platform. Please read the Hardware Platform section of Xilinx® Document UG1146.

Build Hardware Platform

To create Hardware Platform, under platform/zcu102ng/

vivado -mode batch -notrace -source ./zcu102ng_dsa.tcl

This will generate hardware Xilinx® Shell Archive platform/zcu102ng/zcu102ng.dsa and Hardware Definition File platform/zcu102ng/zcu102ng_vivado/zcu102ng.hdf

Build Boot Images

Using PetaLinux to build necessray Boot Images for the software platform with the Hardware Definition File we created. Yocto Recipes For Embedded Flow.

The boot image files required include

  • image.ub
  • bl31.elf
  • fsbl.elf
  • pmufw.elf
  • u-boot.elf

Copy image.ub to platform/zcu102ng/src/a53/xrt/image/ and copy other elf files to platform/zcu102ng/src/boot/

cp image.ub         platform/zcu102ng/src/a53/xrt/image/image.ub
mkdir platform/zcu102ng/src/boot
cp bl31.elf         platform/zcu102ng/src/boot/bl31.elf
cp zynqmp_fsbl.elf  platform/zcu102ng/src/boot/fsbl.elf
cp pmufw.elf        platform/zcu102ng/src/boot/pmufw.elf
cp u-boot.elf       platform/zcu102ng/src/boot/u-boot.elf

Build Software Platform

To Create Software Platform, under platform/zcu102ng/

xsct -sdx ./zcu102ng_pfm.tcl

The created zcu102ng platform will be posted at

  • platform/zcu102ng/output/zcu102ng/export/zcu102ng

Make use of Platform

Here is a simple example of how to make use of the customized platform we built. Suppose we have a hello world OpenCL application, we can use xocc tool to build boot images (including BOOT.BIN) on zcu102 board.

xocc -c -t hw --platform <PATH_TO_PLATFORM>/zcu102ng.xpfm -o hello.xo
xocc -l -t hw --platform <PATH_TO_PLATFORM>/zcu102ng.xpfm hello.xo -o hello.xclbin --sys_config xrt

The boot images will be posted at sd_card directory