Additional Material

Learning Path

  1. Versal ACAP Design Process Documentation
    • Using this interactive page, you can select the area you are interested in, then using the flow chart you can find related documentation
  2. AIE and AIE-ML Architecture, AM009 and AM020
    • AIE Tile, interfaces
    • Data Movement
    • Scalar and Vector processors
    • Vector and Accumulator registers
  3. AIE Tool Flow UG1076
    • Compile and simulation of an AIE Graph
    • Performance Analysis
    • Program PS/Host Application
    • Integrate Application using Vitis Tool flow
    • Debugging the AIE application
  4. AIE Kernel and Graph Programming UG1079
    • Programming
      • Scalar and Vector
      • Single Kernel
      • Graph
    • AIE API / intrinsics
    • Window and Stream Data API
  5. ACAP System and Solution Planning UG1504
    • Application Partition
    • Memory and Data movement
    • Custom Data flow /Precisions
    • Compute intensive Tasks
  6. Hardware, IP, and Platform Development Methodology UG1387
    • Key IP: the Control, Interface, and Processing System (CIPS) IP
    • Planning Considerations
      • Traditional Design Flow
      • Platform-Based Design Flow
      • Dynamic Function eXchange

General Documentation

  1. Download Vitis Unified Software

  2. Vitis Unified Software Documentation

  3. Vitis Community Forum

  4. Webinar: Vitis End-to-End Flow for Mixed Kernel Acceleration on VCK5000

  5. Generate an aiengine license for free

  6. Versal ACAP AI Engines for Dummies

  7. Versal ACAP AI Engine Programming Environment User Guide

    1. Adaptive Data Flow Graph Specification Reference

    2. Compiling an AI Engine Graph Application

    3. Simulating an AI Engine Graph Application

  8. AI Engine API User Guide

  9. AI Engine Intrinsics

  10. Versal ACAP Design Process Documentation

  11. Versal ACAP Design Flow Assistant

  12. System-Level Benefits of the Versal Platform

  13. Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development

  14. Vitis Application Development Flow

  15. Data Center Acceleration Terminology

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