Setup Vitis and the VCK5000 on your own computer

Only follow these steps, if you want to reproduce this workshop on your own machine. Do not follow these steps when you are in a live University Program workshop.

The steps described below are only a high level overview, for more information refer to Alveo Versal Vitis Platforms.

Install Vitis

Download and install Vitis

Install XRT

Download XRT for the Alveo platforms

We assume an Ubuntu distribution, change the variable UBUNTU to match your distribution.

wget "${XRT}_${UBUNTU}-amd64-xrt.deb" -O /tmp/xrt.deb
sudo apt install /tmp/xrt.deb

Install the VCK5000 platform

Follow the Get Started with AI Engine Development steps to get access to the Development & Deployment files.

You need to install:

Once you download the files, install them with your package manager. We recommend you to install the gen4x8-qdma_2022.2 platform

Setup the Tools

Add the following to your environment setup.

source /opt/xilinx/xrt/setup.(c)sh
source $XILINX_VITIS/settings64.(c)sh
export PLATFORM_REPO_PATHS=/opt/xilinx/platforms/

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