Additional Material

  1. Download Vitis Unified Software

  2. Vitis Unified Software Documentation

  3. Vitis Community Forum

  4. Read the Get Moving with Alveo articles, start here Get Moving with Alveo: Acceleration Basics, find the other articles in the series here

  5. Adaptive Computing Developer YouTube channel

  6. Parallel Programming for FPGAs Book, by Ryan Kastner, Janarbek Matai, and Stephen Neuendorffer. Source code on GitHub

  7. The ZYNQ Book, the earlier chapters of the book cover basic concepts, such as pipeline and dataflow.

  8. Xilinx Run Time (XRT)

  9. PYNQ Project


This list cover examples and tutorials hosted on Xilinx GitHub

  1. Vitis In Depth Tutorial

  2. Vitis AWS F1 Developer Labs

  3. Vitis Tutorials

  4. Vitis Accel Examples

  5. Vitis AI Tutorials

Vitis HLS Migration

Since Vitis 2020.1 Vitis HLS is the default high-level Synthesis tool, and Vivado HLS is deprecated in Vitis 2020.2.

Please review the Vitis HLS migration guide here

Application Migration Between Alveo U200 and AWS F1

To understand the differences between the AWS F1 and Alveo U200 platforms and how to migrate your application between these platforms, review Alveo to AWS Migration guide

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