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Implementing an IIR Filter on the AI Engine

This is a multi-part tutorial on how to implement an infinite impulse response (IIR) filter on the AI engine.

Part 1a shows how to parallelize the IIR filter difference equation for a single second order section and implement it on the SIMD AI engine vector processor.

Part 1b shows to implement a 6th order low pass elliptic IIR filter with three second order sections and change the filter coefficients dynamically using run-time parameters.

This tutorial also provides Julia scripts to calculate the IIR filter coefficients and generate test data.

Future parts will cover performance optimization.

This tutorial assumes that the reader is familiar with the fundamentals of AI engine kernel development.

Please use the AI Engine, DSP IP and Tools forum for any questions regarding this tutorial.

This tutorial was developed and tested using Vitis 2021.1.


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