Global Namespace


// namespaces

namespace xf
    namespace xf::data_analytics
        namespace xf::data_analytics::classification
            namespace xf::data_analytics::classification::internal
        namespace xf::data_analytics::clustering
            namespace xf::data_analytics::clustering::internal
        namespace xf::data_analytics::common
            namespace xf::data_analytics::common::internal
        namespace xf::data_analytics::dataframe
            namespace xf::data_analytics::dataframe::internal
        namespace xf::data_analytics::internal
            namespace xf::data_analytics::internal::m
        namespace xf::data_analytics::regression
            namespace xf::data_analytics::regression::internal
        namespace xf::data_analytics::text
            namespace xf::data_analytics::text::enums
            namespace xf::data_analytics::text::internal

// structs

template <typename MType>
struct Node

template <typename MType>
struct NodeR

struct xf_instruction

// unions

template <typename MType>
union f_cast

template <>
union f_cast <ap_uint <8>>

template <>
union f_cast <double>

template <>
union f_cast <ap_uint <64>>

template <>
union f_cast <ap_uint <32>>

template <>
union f_cast <float>

// macros

#define TREE_SIZE
#define TREE_SIZE

Global Functions


#include "xf_data_analytics/text/xf_re_compile.h"
int xf_re_compile (
    const char* pattern,
    unsigned int* bitset,
    uint64_t* instructions,
    unsigned int* instr_num,
    unsigned int* cclass_num,
    unsigned int* cpgp_nm,
    uint8_t* cpgp_name_val,
    uint32_t* cpgp_name_oft

Software compiler for pre-compiling input regular expression.


pattern Input regular expression.
bitset Bit set map for each character class.
instructions Compiled instruction list derived from input pattern.
instr_num Number of instructions.
cclass_num Number of character classes.
cpgp_nm Number of capturing groups.
cpgp_name_val Buffer of every name of each capturing group.
cpgp_name_oft Starting offset addresses for the name of each capturing group.