Design Flows

The common tool and library pre-requisites that apply across all design flows are documented in the requirements section above.

Recommended design flows are described as follows:

Shell Environment

Setup the build environment using the Vitis and XRT scripts.

source /opt/xilinx/Vitis/2021.1/
source /opt/xilinx/xrt/
export PLATFORM_REPO_PATHS=/opt/xilinx/platforms

For csh users, please look for corresponding scripts with .csh suffix and adjust the variable setting command accordingly.

Setting PLATFORM_REPO_PATHS to the installation folder of platform files can enable makefiles in this library to use DEVICE variable as a pattern. Otherwise, full path to .xpfm file needs to be provided via DEVICE variable.

HLS Cases Command Line Flow

cd L1/tests/hls_case_folder


Test control variables are:

  • CSIM for high level simulation.
  • CSYNTH for high level synthesis to RTL.
  • COSIM for co-simulation between software test bench and generated RTL.
  • VIVADO_SYN for synthesis by Vivado.
  • VIVADO_IMPL for implementation by Vivado.

For all these variables, setting to 1 indicates execution while 0 for skipping. The default value of all these control variables are 0, so they can be omitted from command line if the corresponding step is not wanted.