Release Note


In the 2021.1 release, Data-Mover is added into this library. Unlike other C++ based APIs, this addition is targeting people less experienced in HLS based kernel design and just wants to test their stream-based designs. The Data-Mover is actually a kernel source code generator, creating a list of common helper kernels to drive or valdiate designs, like those on AIE devices.


In the 2020.2 release the following APIs has been added

  • Argument parser: this (experimental) implementation parses the options and flags passed from command line, and offers automatic help information generation. It should help the developers to create unified experience on test cases and user applications.
  • FIFO multiplexer: this module wraps around a FIFO (implemented through hls::stream) to enable passing data of different type through the same hardware resource. When the data is too wide, it will automatically be transferred using multiple cycles. This module is expected to make the dataflow code more compact and readable.


This release adds the following API to this library:

  • Read-only cache (cache): This API stores history data recently loaded from DDR/HBM in the on-chip memory(URAM). It aims to reduce DDR/HBM access when the memory is accessed randomly.
  • AXI master read without e signal (an overload of axiToStream): This API provides buffered read from AXI master into stream. It is assumed that the receiver of the stream knows the number of element to process.


The 2019.2 release provides a range of HLS primitives for:

  • Work distribution and result collection in different algorithms.
  • Stream manipulation, including combination, duplication, synchronization, shuffle, etc.
  • Updating URAM array in higher frequency.