Release notes

The below section explains the new features added and also changes in the existing library along with the known issues.

New features and functions

The below functions and pipelines are newly added into the library.

Versal AI Engine additions :

  • blobFromImage
    Function used in many ML pre-processing tasks to do normalization and other tasks.
  • Back to back filter2D with batch size three support
    Application showcasing increasing throughput of single filter2D kernel, by doing 3, back-2-back filter2D achieving 555 FPS with PL datamovers.

New Programmable Logic (PL) functions and features:

  • ISP pipeline and functions:
    • End to End Mono Image Processing (ISP) pipeline with CLAHE TMO
      Useful for ISP pipelines with monochrome sensors
    • RGB-IR along-with RGB-IR Image Processing (ISP) pipeline
      Useful for ISP pipelines with IR sensors
    • Global Tone Mapping (GTM) along with an ISP pipeline using GTM
      Adding to growing TMO (tone-mapping-operators) in the library for different quality and area tradeoff purposes: CLAHE, Local Tone Mapping, Quantization and Dithering

Known issues

  • Vitis GUI projects on RHEL83 and CEntOS82 may fail because of a lib conflict in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting. User needs to remove ${env_var:LD_LIBRARY_PATH} from the project environment settings for the function to build successfully.