Release notes

The below section explains the new features added and also changes in the existing library along with the known issues.

New features and functions

PL additions/enhancements:
  • New functions:
    • Rotate
    • TV-L1 optical flow
    • Multi-stream ISP (basic) support
  • Updates:
    • Added Demosaicing kernel (xf_demosaicing_rt.hpp) having the input Bayer pattern as run time parameter
    • Fixed issue with RGBIR L1 testbench
    • Added support for custom depth specification for xf::cv::Mat in all kernels
  • Lib Infra Changes:
    • Added API JSON for L2, that helps in usage of a given function’s API in Vitis GUI
AIE additions/enhancements:
  • Updates:
    • Introduced RTL Data-movers with improved latency over HLS data-movers
    • All tests updated with RTL data-movers

Known issues

  • Vitis GUI projects on RHEL83 and CEntOS82 may fail because of a lib conflict in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting. User needs to remove ${env_var:LD_LIBRARY_PATH} from the project environment settings for the function to build successfully.
  • SVM L2 PL function fails hardware emulation with 2022.1 Vitis. Please use 2021.1 Vitis for this function.
  • rgbir2bayer, isppipeline_rgbir PL functions are not supplied with input images
  • Software emulation for Warptransform L2 testcases doesn’t work because of a known issue with platform.
  • Warptransform L1 URAM cases fail CSim because of a known HLS issue.
  • Hardware emulation in AIE testcases may throw segmentation fault at the end, although completing the functional test successfully.