System Requirements

Host Platform for PCIe Accelerator Cards

  1. x86_64
  2. AARCH64
  3. PPC64LE

Supported Xilinx® Accelerator Cards are listed in XRT and Vitis™ Platform Overview.

XRT Software Stack for PCIe Accelerator Cards

XRT and OpenCL runtime require Linux kernel 3.10+ and GCC with C++14 features.

The XRT software stack is tested on RHEL/CentOS and Ubuntu. For the detailed list of supported OS, please refer to the specific release versions of UG1451 XRT Release Notes.

XRT is needed on both application development and deployment environments.

To install XRT on the host, please refer to page XRT Installation for dependencies installation steps and XRT installation steps.

To build a custom XRT package, please refer to page Building the XRT Software Stack for dependencies installation steps and building steps.

XRT Software Stack for Embedded Platforms

XRT needs to be installed on both development environment and deployment environment.

If x86_64 server is used for appliation development, XRT and sysroot needs to be installed on this system. The application can be cross compiled against the sysroot generated by PetaLinux.

If embedded processor native compile is to be used, XRT and GCC needs to be installed on the target embedded system.

The embedded platform for deployment should have XRT and ZOCL installed. For details about building embedded platforms please refer to XRT Setup for Embedded Flow.