Xilinx® Board Management (xbmgmt) utility is a standalone command line tool that is included with the XRT installation package. The xbmgmt command supports both Alveo Data Center accelerator cards, and embedded processor-based platforms.

This utility is used for card installation and administration, and requires sudo privileges when running it. The xbmgmt supported tasks include flashing the card firmware, and scanning the current device configuration.

Flashing a card

  1. xbmgmt flash --update
  2. Cold reboot
  3. Run xbmgmt flash --scan to verify that the card is flashed correctly

Downloading shell on a card

Note: On Linux, please run the following with --new option 1. xbmgmt program --partition <path/to/partition.xsabin> --device 0000:00:00.0 2. Run xbmgmt status to verify the partition download

For more details please refer Vitis Application Acceleration Development Flow Documentation