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xaxicdma_example_simple_intr.c File Reference


This file demonstrates how to use the xaxicdma driver on the Xilinx AXI CDMA core (AXICDMA) to transfer packets in simple transfer mode through interrupt.

Modify the NUMBER_OF_TRANSFER constant to have different number of simple transfers done in this test.

This example assumes that the system has an interrupt controller.

To see the debug print, you need a Uart16550 or uartlite in your system, and please set "-DDEBUG" in your compiler options for the example, also comment out the "#undef DEBUG" in xdebug.h. You need to rebuild your software executable.

 . Updated the debug print on type casting to avoid warnings on u32. Cast
   u32 to (unsigned int) to use the x format.
Ver   Who  Date     Changes

1.00a jz 07/30/10 First release 2.01a rkv 01/28/11 Changed function prototype of XAxiCdma_SimpleIntrExample to a function taking arguments interrupt instance,device instance,device id,device interrupt id Added interrupt support for Cortex A9 2.01a srt 03/05/12 Modified interrupt support for Zynq. Modified Flushing and Invalidation of Caches to fix CRs 648103, 648701. 4.3 ms 01/22/17 Modified xil_printf statement in main function to ensure that "Successfully ran" and "Failed" strings are available in all examples. This is a fix for CR-965028. ms 04/05/17 Modified Comment lines in functions to recognize it as documentation block for doxygen generation of examples. 4.4 rsp 02/22/18 Support data buffers above 4GB.Use UINTPTR for typecasting buffer address(CR-995116). 4.6 rsp 09/13/19 Add error prints for failing scenarios. Fix cache maintenance ops for source and dest buffer. 4.7 rsp 12/06/19 For aarch64 include xil_mmu.h. Fixes gcc warning. 4.8 sk 09/28/20 Fix the compilation error for xreg_cortexa9.h preprocessor on R5 processor. 4.11 sa 09/29/22 Fix infinite loops in the example.


int XAxiCdma_SimpleIntrExample (XScuGic *IntcInstancePtr, XAxiCdma *InstancePtr, u16 DeviceId, u32 IntrId)
 The example to do the simple transfer through interrupt. More...
int main ()
 The entry point for this example. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( void  )

The entry point for this example.

It invokes the example function, and reports the execution status.

  • XST_SUCCESS if example finishes successfully
  • XST_FAILURE if example fails.

References XAxiCdma_SimpleIntrExample().

int XAxiCdma_SimpleIntrExample ( XScuGic *  IntcInstancePtr,
XAxiCdma *  InstancePtr,
u16  DeviceId,
u32  IntrId 

The example to do the simple transfer through interrupt.

IntcInstancePtris a pointer to the INTC instance
InstancePtris a pointer to the XAxiCdma instance
DeviceIdis the Device Id of the XAxiCdma instance
IntrIdis the interrupt Id for the XAxiCdma instance in build
  • XST_SUCCESS if example finishes successfully
  • XST_FAILURE if error occurs
If the hardware build has problems with interrupt, then this function hangs

References XAxiCdma_CfgInitialize(), XAxiCdma_IntrEnable(), XAxiCdma_IntrHandler(), XAxiCdma_LookupConfig(), and XAXICDMA_XR_IRQ_ALL_MASK.

Referenced by main().