Xilinx Vitis Drivers API Documentation
csudma Documentation

This header file contains identifiers and register-level driver functions (or macros), range macros, structure typedefs that can be used to access the Xilinx CSU_DMA core instance.

Ver   Who     Date     Changes

1.0 vnsld 22/10/14 First release 1.1 adk 10/05/16 Fixed CR#951040 race condition in the recv path when source and destination points to the same buffer. ms 03/17/17 Added readme.txt file in examples folder for doxygen generation. ms 04/10/17 Modified filename tag in xcsudma_selftest_example.c to include the file in doxygen examples. 1.2 adk 11/22/17 Added peripheral test app support for CSUDMA driver. 1.4 adk 04/12/17 Added support for PMC DMA. adk 09/03/18 Added new API XCsuDma_64BitTransfer() useful for 64-bit dma transfers through PMU processor(CR#996201). adk 25/06/18 Move CRP and PMC Global address defines to xparameters_ps.h file(CR#1002035). adk 08/08/18 Added new API XCsuDma_WaitForDoneTimeout() useful for polling dma transfer done. adk 28/08/18 Fixed misra-c required standard violations.. Rama 02/26/19 Fixed IAR issue by changing "XCsuDma_WaitForDoneTimeout" to function arc 03/26/19 Fixed MISRA-C violations. 1.7 hk 08/03/20 Reorganize transfer function to accommodate all processors and cache functionality. 1.7 sk 08/26/20 Fix MISRA-C violations. 1.8 nsk 12/14/20 Updated the tcl to not to use the instance names. 1.9 sk 02/11/21 Add description for the dmatype macros. 1.9 sk 02/11/21 Remove the prototype of undefined functions.