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The Xilinx DFX axi shutdown manager driver can be used to provide a boundary between the static logic and a Reconfigurable Partition during Partial Reconfiguration.The Xilinx DFX AXI Shutdonw manager supports below features Multiple Options for Status and Control: The DFX AXI Shutdown Manager core can be controlled and queried using single signals or an AXI4-Lite interface. Dynamic Function eXchange Controller Core Interoperability: The DFX AXI Shutdown Manager core connects directly to the Dynamic Function eXchange Controller core using the signal based control interface.

Initialization and Configuration

  • XDfxasm_LookupConfig(DeviceId) - Use the device identifier to find the static configuration structure defined in xdfxasm_g.c. This is setup by the tools. For some operating systems the config structure will be initialized by the software and this call is not needed.
  • XDfxasm_CfgInitialize() is used for initialisation. The user needs to first call the XDfxasm_LookupConfig() which returns the Configuration structure pointer which is passed as a parameter to the XDfxsm_CfgInitialize().


This driver is not thread safe. Any needs for threads or thread mutual exclusion must be satisfied by the layer above this driver.


Asserts are used within all Xilinx drivers to enforce constraints on argument values. Asserts can be turned off on a system-wide basis by defining, at compile time, the NDEBUG identifier. By default, asserts are turned on and it is recommended that users leave asserts on during development.

Building the driver

The XDfxsm driver is composed of several source files. This allows the user to build and link only those parts of the driver that are necessary.

Ver   Who     Date          Changes

1.0 dp 07/14/20 First release