Vitis Drivers API Documentation
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCXDmaPsThe XDmaPs driver instance data structure
oCXDmaPs_BDDMA block descriptor stucture
oCXDmaPs_ChanCtrlDMA channle control structure
oCXDmaPs_ChannelDataThe XDmaPs_ChannelData is a struct to book keep individual channel of the DMAC
oCXDmaPs_CmdA DMA command consisits of a channel control struct, a block descriptor, a user defined program, a pointer pointing to generated DMA program, and execution result
oCXDmaPs_ConfigThis typedef contains configuration information for the device
\CXDmaPs_ProgBufThe XDmaPs_ProgBuf is the struct for a DMA program buffer