Xilinx Vitis Drivers API Documentation
ospipsv Documentation

This section contains information about the driver structures, user API prototypes and all the defines required for the user to interact with the driver. OspiPsv driver supports the OSPI controller in Versal SoC platform.

Initialization & Configuration

The XOspiPsv_Config structure is used by the driver to configure. This configuration structure is typically created by the tool-chain based on HW build properties.

To support multiple runtime loading and initialization strategies employed by various operating systems, the driver instance can be initialized in the following way:

  • XOspiPsv_CfgInitialize(InstancePtr, ConfigPtr) - Uses a configuration structure provided by the caller. This will initialize the XOspiPsv driver structure.

Supported features

This driver supports following features

  • SDR-NON-PHY mode.
  • SDR-PHY mode.
  • DDR-PHY mode.
  • INDAC mode of operations.
  • DAC mode of operations.
  • Polled and Interrupt mode transfers.
Ver   Who Date     Changes
--— — -----— --------------------------------------------—.
1.0   nsk  02/19/18 First release
      sk   01/09/19 Added interrupt mode support.
                    Remove STIG/DMA mode selection by the user, driver will
                    take care of operating in DMA/STIG based on command.
                    Added support for unaligned byte count read.
      sk   02/04/19 Added support for SDR+PHY and DDR+PHY modes.
      sk   02/07/19 Added OSPI Idling sequence.
1.0   akm 03/29/19 Fixed data alignment issues on IAR compiler.
1.1   sk   07/22/19 Added RX Tuning algorithm for SDR and DDR modes.
      sk   08/08/19 Added flash device reset support.
      sk   08/16/19 Set Read Delay Fld to 0x1 for Non-Phy mode.
1.2   sk   02/03/20 Added APIs for non-blocking transfer support.
      sk   02/20/20 Reorganize the source code, enable the interrupts
                    by default and updated XOspiPsv_DeviceReset() API with
                    masked data writes.
      sk   02/20/20 Make XOspiPsv_SetDllDelay() API as user API.
      sk   02/20/20 Added support for DLL Master mode.
1.3   sk   04/09/20 Added support for 64-bit address read from 32-bit proc.
      sk   05/27/20 Added support for reading C_OSPI_MODE param.
      sk  08/19/20 Reduced the usleep delay while checking transfer done.
      sk   10/06/20 Clear the ISR for polled mode transfers.
1.4   sk   02/18/21 Added support for Dual byte opcode.
      sk   02/18/21 Updated RX Tuning algorithm for Master DLL mode.
      sk   04/08/21 Fixed doxygen warnings in all source files.
      sk   05/07/21 Fixed MISRAC violations.
1.5   sk   08/17/21 Added DCache invalidate after non-blocking DMA read.
      sk   08/30/21 Limit RX maximum number of taps to 127.
1.6   sk   11/29/21 Configure OSPI MUX while setting the DMA mode.
           11/29/21 Fix compilation warnings reported with "-Wundef" flag.
      sk   02/07/22 Replaced driver version in addtogroup with Overview.
      sk   02/07/22 Added driver details to Overview section.
      sk   02/07/22 Restructured the XOspiPsv_ExecuteRxTuning() API to meet
                    safety guidelines for CCM metric.