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pmonpsv Documentation

The XPmonPsv driver supports the Xilinx Performance Monitor device.For a full description of Performance Monitor features, please see the hardware spec. This driver supports the following features:

Computes performance metrics for Agents connected to slots

  • Read request and response counters
  • Lock and unlock the performance monitor.
  • Setting metrics like the statperiod.
  • Readback of the metrics.

Initialization and Configuration

The device driver enables higher layer software (e.g., an application) to communicate to the Performance Monitor device.

XPmonPsv_CfgInitialize() API is used to initialize the AXI Performance Monitor device. The user needs to first call the XPmonPsv_LookupConfig() API which returns the Configuration structure pointer which is passed as a parameter to the XAxiPmon_CfgInitialize() API.


The AXI Performance Monitor does not support Interrupts

How to read the counters XPmonPsv_GetReadCounter returns the contents of the Read response and request counters.


This driver is not thread safe. Any needs for threads or thread mutual exclusion must be satisfied by the layer above this driver.

TODO: Add the filter support

Ver   Who    Date     Changes

1.0 sd 01/20/19 First release 2.0 sd 04/22/20 Rename the APIs