Xilinx Vitis Drivers API Documentation
XUartNs550 Struct Reference

The XUartNs550 driver instance data. More...

Data Fields

XUartNs550Stats Stats
 Statistics. More...
UINTPTR BaseAddress
 Base address of device. More...
u32 InputClockHz
 Input clock frequency. More...
int IsReady
 Device is initialized and ready. More...
u32 BaudRate
 Current baud rate of hw. More...
u8 LastErrors
 The accumulated errors. More...
XUartNs550Buffer SendBuffer
 Send Buffer. More...
XUartNs550Buffer ReceiveBuffer
 Receive Buffer. More...
XUartNs550_Handler Handler
 Call back handler. More...

Detailed Description

The XUartNs550 driver instance data.

The user is required to allocate a variable of this type for every UART 16550/16450 device in the system. A pointer to a variable of this type is then passed to the driver API functions.

Field Documentation

u32 XUartNs550::BaudRate

Current baud rate of hw.

Referenced by XUartNs550_GetDataFormat().

XUartNs550_Handler XUartNs550::Handler

Call back handler.

Referenced by XUartNs550_CfgInitialize(), and XUartNs550_SetHandler().

u32 XUartNs550::InputClockHz

Input clock frequency.

Referenced by XUartNs550_CfgInitialize().

u8 XUartNs550::LastErrors

The accumulated errors.

Referenced by XUartNs550_GetLastErrors().

XUartNs550Buffer XUartNs550::ReceiveBuffer
XUartNs550Buffer XUartNs550::SendBuffer