Xilinx Vitis Drivers API Documentation
usbpsu Documentation
Ver   Who    Date     Changes

1.0 sg 06/06/16 First release 1.1 sg 10/24/16 Update for backward compatibility Added XUsbPsu_IsSuperSpeed function in xusbpsu.c 1.2 mn 01/20/17 removed unnecessary declaration of XUsbPsu_SetConfiguration in xusbpsu.h 1.2 mn 01/30/17 Corrected InstancePtr->UnalignedTx with Ept->UnalignedTx in xusbpsu_controltransfers.c 1.2 mus 02/10/17 Updated data structures to fix compilation errors for IAR compiler ms 03/17/17 Added readme.txt file in examples folder for doxygen generation. ms 04/10/17 Modified filename tag to include the file in doxygen examples. 1.4 bk 12/01/18 Modify USBPSU driver code to fit USB common example code for all USB IPs. myk 12/01/18 Added hibernation support for device mode vak 22/01/18 Added changes for supporting microblaze platform vak 13/03/18 Moved the setup interrupt system calls from driver to example. vak 24/09/18 Added EnableSuperSpeed in XUsbPsu_Config for speed negotiation at the time of connection to Host 1.5 vak 02/06/19 Added "xusbpsu_endpoint.h" header 1.5 vak 03/25/19 Fixed incorrect data_alignment pragma directive for IAR 1.6 pm 22/07/19 Removed coverity warnings 1.7 pm 14/11/19 Updated number of TRB to improve performance pm 03/23/20 Restructured the code for more readability and modularity pm 03/14/20 Added clocking support 1.8 pm 24/07/20 Fixed MISRA-C and Coverity warnings 1.9 pm 03/21/21 Fixed doxygen warnings 1.10 pm 08/30/21 Update MACRO to fix plm compilation warnings