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v_csc Documentation

The CSC Layer-2 Driver. The functions in this file provides an abstraction from the register peek/poke methodology by implementing most common use-case provided by the sub-core. See xv_csc_l2.h for a detailed description of the layer-2 driver

Ver   Who    Date    Changes

1.00 rco 07/21/15 Initial Release 2.00 rco 11/05/15 Integrate layer-1 with layer-2 dmc 12/17/15 IsDemoWindowEnabled prevents access to absent HW regs Corrected typo in XV_CscSetColorspace setting K31 FW reg Updated the XV_CscDbgReportStatus routine 2.1 rco 02/09/17 Fix c++ warnings 2.2 vyc 10/04/17 Added support for 4:2:0 2.3 viv 06/19/18 Added support for color range