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Overview of Sony IMX547 Sensor

The Sony IMX547 is a diagonal 8.8 mm (Type 1/1.8) CMOS active pixel, solid-state image sensor with a square pixel array and 5.10 M effective pixels. This image sensor contains a global shutter with variable charge-integration time and is part of the Pregius S active pixel-type CMOS image sensors. By stacking the signal processing on the back-illuminated type CMOS Image Sensor, it realizes small chip size and high sensitivity, whilst using the high picture quality global shutter pixel technology of Pregius.

Overview of FSA (Framos Sensor Adapter) Module

The FSA (Framos Sensor Adapter) connects to the FSM (Framos Sensor Module) allowing with Sub-LVDS, SLVS, or SLVS-EC devices.


Functional Blocks

  • Signal routing

  • Voltage generation for image sensor

  • Power up sequence for image sensor

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The following table shows the selection of Sensor Clock Source on FSA-FTx/A-V1:

Position Description
1 Clock Provided from FSA (Default)
2 External Clock 1 (MCLK0)
3 External Clock 2 (MCLK1)

Note: The above clock setting is not applicable for FSM used along with KR260.

PixelMate™ - Sub-LVDS, SLVS and SLVS-EC Pinout

This pinout scheme applies to all sensors that natively output image data using signals according to Sub-LVDS, SLVS, or SLVS-EC specification. This layout provides eight data lanes on the connector. Devices with SLVS and SLVS-EC share the same sensor package pins. Therefore, share the same connector pins.

The following table shows the position of each signal on the 60-pin connector in case the image sensor provides it. For further details, refer to the image sensor Datasheet.

Note: Lane number assignment is applied according to the SLVS numbering, which, in most cases, differs from the SLVS-EC lane numbering. Refer to the image sensor datasheet for correct SLVS-EC numbering.

The following table shows the general signal assignment that applies to all connections using PixelMate™.

Pin # Type Signal Pin # Type Signal
1 Common Voltages (from FPA to FSA) 3V8 2 Common Voltages (from FPA to FSA) 1V8
3 Common Voltages (from FPA to FSA) 3V8 4 Common Voltages (from FPA to FSA) 1V8
5 Sensor Specific Voltages (from FSA to FSM) V_ANA 6 Sensor Specific Voltages (from FSA to FSM) V_DIG
7 Sensor Specific Voltages (from FSA to FSM) V_ANA 8 Sensor Specific Voltages (from FSA to FSM) V_DIG
9 Sensor Specific Voltages (from FSA to FSM) V_IF 10 Sensor Specific Voltages (from FSA to FSM) V_AUX
11 GND 12 GND
13 GND 14 GND
15 Sensor Signals SDA 16 Sensor Signals SCL
17 Sensor Signals SDO 18 Sensor Signals XCE
19 Sensor Signals TOUT0 20 Sensor Signals SLAMODE
21 Sensor Signals TOUT1 22 Sensor Signals XMASTER
23 Sensor Signals TOUT2 24 Sensor Signals NC
25 Sensor Signals NC 26 Sensor Signals XTRIG
27 Sensor Signals NC 28 Sensor Signals XHS
29 Sensor Signals NC 30 Sensor Signals XVS
31 Sensor Signals GND 32 Sensor Signals GND
33 Sensor Signals RST 34 Data Lines D_DATA_7_P
35 Driving Clock MCLK 36 Data Lines D_DATA_7_N
37 GND 38 GND
39 Data Lines D_DATA_6_P 40 Data Lines D_DATA_5_P
41 Data Lines D_DATA_6_N 42 Data Lines D_DATA_5_N
43 GND 44 GND
45 Data Lines D_DATA_4_P 46 Data Lines D_DATA_3_P
47 Data Lines D_DATA_4_N 48 Data Lines D_DATA_3_N
49 GND 50 GND
51 Data Lines D_DATA_2_P 52 Data Lines D_DATA_1_P
53 Data Lines D_DATA_2_N 54 Data Lines D_DATA_1_N
55 GND 56 GND
57 Data Lines D_DATA_0_P 58 Data Lines D_CLK_0_P
59 Data Lines D_DATA_0_N 60 Data Lines D_CLK_0_N

Overview of FSM (Framos Sensor Module)

FSM carries the Sony IMX547 camera sensor, and it is connected to Framos Sensor Adaptor (FSA). Flex cable is used to connect the FSM module with the KR260 carrier card. Its specification are as follows.

Model Name

Model Name FSM-IMX547 c/m

Image Sensor

Vendor / Name Sony IMX547-AAMJ / IMX547-AAQJ
Shutter Type CMOS Global Shutter
Technology / Grade Pregius S (Gen4) / Industrial
Chromaticity Color / Mono
Optical Format 1/1.8"
Pixel Size 2.74 x 2.74 µm
Max. Resolution 5.1 Mpx / 2472 x 2128 px
Framerate (max.) 122 FPS (2-Lane) 65 FPS (1-Lane)
Bit Depth(s) 8 / 10 / 12 bit

FSM Interface

Data Interface SLVS-EC (1 / 2 Lane)
Data Interface SLVS-EC (1 / 2 Lane)
Communication Interface I²C (4-wire serial)
Drive Frequency(s) 37.125 / 54 / 74.25 MHz
Input Voltages 1.1V, 1.8V, 2.9V, 3.3V
Interface Connector Hirose DF40C-60DP-0.4V(51)
EEPROM (Sensor ID) Yes


Dimensions (HxW) 28mm x 28mm


Operating Temperature -30°C to +75°C (function) -10°C to +60°C (performance)
Storage Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Ambient Humidity 20% to 95% RH, non-condensing

Overview of Framos SLVS-EC IP Core

The SLVS-EC interface standard has emerged as the high-speed interface for image sensors from Sony. SLVS-EC v2.0 interface throughput is up to 5 Gbps per lane at great signal integrity, which is double the times of previous SLVS-EC interface 1.2. Engineers developing solutions using AMD FPGAs and SoCs can take advantage of FRAMOS’s SLVS-EC RX IP Core, Development Kit, and tested source code examples. Device builders and camera vendors can de-risk the design while reaping the benefits of Sony’s latest high-speed interface.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Byte-to-pixel conversion for SLVS-EC v1.2 / v2.0

  • De-risk integration, reduce time to market

  • Reference implementation for evaluation and guidance

  • Flexible Lane Support in one IP CoreSupport for all supported RAW bit-depths

  • Error correction and ROI overlap support

  • AXI4 communication and control

Internal Structure of the SLVS-EC RX IP Core:


The SLVS-EC RX IP Core processes the incoming deserialized SLVS-EC packets and outputs the reconstructed pixels on the Output Data Interface. In addition, depending on the core variant, IP Core performs error detection (CRC core variant) or error correction (ECC core variant) on payload data.

Port Descriptions

The SLVS-EC RX IP Core ports are listed in the following table, where LANE_NUM represents the number of lanes.

Signal Direction Width Description
data_clk_i Input 1 Data clock input
rstn_i Input 1 Active low reset
AXI4-Lite InOut - AXI4-Lite slave interface
data_i Input 16*LANE_NUM Input parallel data from transceiver
rxdatak_i Input 2*LANE_NUM Special character detection input
XCVR_status_i Input 1 Transceiver status
fv_o Output 1 Frame valid output
lv_o Output 1 Line valid output
dv_o Output 1 Data valid output
data_o Output 2 * 16 *LANE_NUM Parallel pixel data output
lnum_o Output 13 Line number output
ebdl_o Output 1 Embedded valid output
did_o Output 4 Data ID output
hit_o Output 3 Header info type output
hinf_o Output 24 Header information output
status_o Output 8 Core status output

Framos IPs license

For more information about how the Framos SLVS-EC RX IP-Core would benefit your next project. To request the full SLVS-EC IP-Core integration support, contact the Framos imaging experts at

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