Xilinx Video SDK

The Xilinx Video SDK is a complete software stack allowing users to seamlessly leverage the hardware accelerated features of Xilinx video codec units and enable high-density real-time transcoding for live streaming video service providers, OEMs, and Content Delivery Network (CDNs). Included in the Xilinx Video SDK are pre-compiled versions of FFmpeg and GStreamer which integrate video transcoding plug-ins for Xilinx devices, enabling simple hardware acceleration of video decoding, scaling and encoding using these popular tools. The Xilinx Video SDK also provides a C-based application programming interface (API) which facilitates the integration of Xilinx video codec units transcoding capabilities in proprietary frameworks. The Xilinx Video SDK can be leveraged on-premises with Alveo U30 cards and in the cloud with Amazon EC2 VT1 instances.

For a rapid overview of the Xilinx Video SDK v3.0, see this blog post.