Alveo Debug Guide

Checking System Compatibility

This page will help you determine if your host machine is compatible with the Vitis Alveo flow. It is part of the larger Alveo debug guide. If you are just starting to debug, please consult the main page to determine if this is the best page for your purposes

System Compatibility Checks

Ensure your system is compatible with XRT and the Alveo Card by confirming the following:

  • The Linux OS and Kernel are compatible with those supported by the XRT drivers.

  • The host machine and hypervisor are compatible.

  • PCIe slot is compatible

    • Ensure the PCIe slot type and speed match the card deployment platform requirements.

    • Confirm the PCIe slot provides 75W

      • Covered in the host computer’s documentation

  • Review card power expectations and ensure the system can provide the expected electrical power.

    • If AUX power is missing contact your system vendor to acquire the needed cabling. This AR 72298 provides additional guidance.

Xilinx Support

For additional support resources such as Answers, Documentation, Downloads, and Alerts, see the Xilinx Support pages. For additional assistance, post your question on the Xilinx Community Forums – Alveo Accelerator Card.

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