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Xilinx Resources

For support resources such as Answers, Documentation, Downloads, and Forums, see Xilinx Support.

Documentation Navigator and Design Hubs

Xilinx® Documentation Navigator (DocNav) provides access to Xilinx documents, videos, and support resources, which you can filter and search to find information. To open DocNav:

  • From the Vivado® IDE, select Help → Documentation and Tutorials.
  • On Windows, select Start → All Programs → Xilinx Design Tools → DocNav.
  • At the Linux command prompt, enter docnav.

Xilinx Design Hubs provide links to documentation organized by design tasks and other topics, which you can use to learn key concepts and address frequently asked questions. To access the Design Hubs:

  • In DocNav, click the Design Hubs View tab.
  • On the Xilinx website, see the Design Hubs page.

*Note*: For more information on DocNav, see the Documentation Navigator page on the Xilinx website.


These documents provide supplemental material useful with this guide:

  1. *Intelligent Platform Management Interface FRU Specification*
  2. Alveo FRU Data Specification (UG1378)
  3. *PLDM base specification*
  4. *PLDM for platform monitoring and control specification*
  5. *SMBus 2.0 Specification*
  6. *MCTP SMBus/I2C Transport Binding Specification*
  7. Alveo U200 and U250 Data Center Accelerator Cards Data Sheet (DS962)
  8. Alveo U280 Data Center Accelerator Cards Data Sheet (DS963)
  9. Alveo U50 Data Center Accelerator Cards Data Sheet (DS965)
  10. MSP432P4xx SimpleLink™ Microcontrollers Bootloader (BSL)
  11. UltraScale Architecture Configuration User Guide (UG570)
  12. Zynq UltraScale+ Device Technical Reference Manual (UG1085)

Xilinx Support

For support resources such as answers, documentation, downloads, and forums, see the Alveo Accelerator Cards Xilinx Community Forum.


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