Xilinx GZip Streaming 16KB Compression

GZip example resides in L2/tests/gzipc_16KB directory.

Follow build instructions to generate host executable and binary.

The binary host file generated is named as “xil_gzip” and it is present in ./build directory.

Executable Usage

  1. To execute single file for compression : ./build/xil_gzip -xbin ./build/xclbin_<xsa_name>_<TARGET mode>/compress.xclbin -c <file_name>

  2. To execute multiple files for compression : ./build/xil_gzip -xbin ./build/xclbin_<xsa_name>_<TARGET mode>/compress.xclbin -cfl <files.list>

    • <files.list>: Contains various file names with current path

The usage of the generated executable is as follows:

Usage: application.exe -[-h-c-l-xbin-B]
       --help,           -h      Print Help Options
       --xclbin,         -xbin   XCLBIN                                               Default: [compress]
       --compress,       -c      Compress
       --file_list,      -cfl    Compress List of Input Files
       --max_cr,         -mcr    Maximum CR
       --device_id,      -id     Device ID                                       Default: [0]
       --zlib,           -zlib   [0:GZip, 1:Zlib]                                Default: [0]


Resource Utilization

Table below presents resource utilization of Xilinx GZip Compress/Decompress kernels. The final Fmax achieved is 282MHz.

Compress 58K 8.8K 53K 164 48

Performance Data

Table below presents kernel throughput achieved for a single compute unit.

Topic Results
Compression Throughput 2 GB/s
Average Compression Ratio 2.62x (Silesia Benchmark)

Standard GZip Support

This application is compatible with standard Gzip/Zlib application (compress/decompress).