Tests examples for lz4, snappy, lz4_streaming, snappy_streaming, zlib, gzip and zstd kernels are available in the L2/tests/ directory.


Execute the following commands before building any of the examples:

$ source <Vitis_Installed_Path>/installs/lin64/Vitis/2021.1/settings64.sh
$ source <Vitis_Installed_Path>/xbb/xrt/packages/setup.sh

Build Instructions

Execute the following commands to compile and test run this example:

$ make run TARGET=sw_emu

Variable TARGET can take the following values:

  • sw_emu : software emulation
  • hw_emu : hardware emulation
  • hw : run on actual hardware

By default, the target device is set as Alveo U200. In order to target a different device, use the DEVICE argument. For example:

make run TARGET=sw_emu DEVICE=<new_device.xpfm>


Build instructions explained in this section are common for all the applications. The generated executable names may differ.