Xilinx GZip Static Streaming Compression

GZip example resides in L2/tests/gzipc_static directory.

Follow build instructions to generate host executable and binary.

The binary host file generated is named as “xil_gzip” and it is present in ./build directory.

Executable Usage

  1. To execute single file for compression : ./build/xil_gzip -xbin ./build/xclbin_<xsa_name>_<TARGET mode>/compress.xclbin -c <file_name>

  2. To execute multiple files for compression : ./build/xil_gzip -xbin ./build/xclbin_<xsa_name>_<TARGET mode>/compress.xclbin -cfl <files.list>

    • <files.list>: Contains various file names with current path

The usage of the generated executable is as follows:

Usage: application.exe -[-h-c-cfl-xbin-B]
       --help,                -h        Print Help Options
       --compress,            -c        Compress
       --compress_list,       -cfl      Compress List of Input Files
       --max_cr,              -mcr      Maximum CR                                      Default: [10]
       --xclbin,              -xbin     XCLBIN
       --device_id,           -id       Device ID                                       Default: [0]
       --zlib,                -zlib     [0:GZip, 1:Zlib]                                Default: [0]


Resource Utilization

Table below presents resource utilization of Xilinx GZip static streaming compression kernels. The final Fmax achieved is 300MHz.

Compress 35K 2.3K 36.6K 45 64

Performance Data

Table below presents kernel throughput achieved for a single compute unit.

Topic Results
Compression Throughput 2 GB/s
Average Compression Ratio 2.31x (Silesia Benchmark)

Standard GZip Support

This application is compatible with standard Gzip/Zlib application (compress/decompress).