Device Management & Utility tool


The V70 Video Analytics SDK builds on the Xilinx Runtime (XRT) to interface with V70. The Video analytics SDK includes the xbutil and xbmgmt command line tools for card installation, upgrade, and management.

  • The XRT management utility tool xbmgmt is used to administer V70. During the installation process xbmgmt command is used to flash the card firmware. Running this command requires sudo privileges. An online documentation of xbmgmt tool can be found at xbmgmt documentation page in XRT documentation repo

  • The XRT user-space utility tool xbutil is used to examine, identify, program, and validate the installed V70 card(s). An online documentation of xbutil tool can be found at xbutil documentation page in XRT documentation repo

We will review some of the xbutil commands you may find useful during working on V70 card.

Examining the card

The command xbutil examine is used to examine the V70 card. Assuming you have V70 up and running you can see a similar output like below

System Configuration
  OS Name              : Linux
  Release              : 5.4.0-100-generic
  Version              : #113-Ubuntu SMP Thu Feb 3 18:43:29 UTC 2022
  Machine              : x86_64
  CPU Cores            : 12
  Memory               : 64264 MB
  Distribution         : Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS
  GLIBC                : 2.31
  Model                : Precision T3610

  Version              : 2.14.406
  Branch               : 2022.2
  Hash                 : 1727dda274d11e788ff457b668756d2c28dc6aec
  Hash Date            : 2023-01-18 21:51:00
  XOCL                 : 2.14.406, 1727dda274d11e788ff457b668756d2c28dc6aec
  XCLMGMT              : 2.14.406, 1727dda274d11e788ff457b668756d2c28dc6aec

Devices present
BDF             :  Shell                          Platform UUID                         Device ID       Device Ready*
[0000:03:00.1]  :  xilinx_v70_gen5x8_qdma_base_2  56B80853-34D6-5BF2-8537-2EF76178CF95  user(inst=128)  Yes

A couple of things to note from the above sample output

  • The above output shows V70 device with PCIe BDF. Thr BDF should be used with xbutil --device <bdf> switch to obtain the device specific information.

  • The output also shows the “Device Ready” as “Yes” for a device in a good state.

For further inspecion of the device you can run xbutil examine --device <bdf> --report <report type> for many different types of reports. For example to view the thermal report simply do xbutil examine --device <bdf> --report thermal.

xbutil examine --device 0000:03:00.1 --report thermal

[0000:03:00.1] : xilinx_v70_gen5x8_qdma_base_2
   Temperature            : Celcius
   PCB                    :     39 C
   device                 :     49 C
   vccint                 :     41 C

To obtain the full list of xbutil examine subcommands you can run xbutil examine --help

Resetting the card

In a situation when V70 goes to a bad state, you can reset the card by xbutil reset command.

xbutil reset --device 0000:03:00.1 --force
xbutil program --device 0000:03:00.1 -u /opt/xilinx/xclbin/v70.xclbin

Validating the card

The command xbutil validate runs some built-in test that confirms the card is in good state (or not).

xbutil validate --device 0000:03:00.1