GStreamer Plug-insΒΆ

The VVAS framework supports GStreamer, and this section provides an overview of the VVAS GStreamer plug-ins, including their input, output, and control parameters. The source code for these plug-ins can be found in the vvas-gst-plugins directory of the VVAS source tree. There are two types of VVAS GStreamer plug-ins: custom plug-ins and infrastructure plug-ins.

Infrastructure plug-ins are designed to simplify the integration of kernels into GStreamer-based applications, allowing developers to incorporate their kernel without needing to have a deep understanding of the GStreamer framework. These plug-ins handle basic features/requirements of GStreamer plug-ins such as memory management, kernel configuration, caps negotiation, and other similar functions. The same infrastructure plug-ins can be used to integrate different kernels to achieve various functionalities.

On the other hand, custom plug-ins are developed to implement specific functionalities such as encoding, decoding, overlay, and so on, that cannot be efficiently implemented using infrastructure plug-ins.

Below is a list of the VVAS GStreamer plug-ins.