Infrastructure Plug-ins and Acceleration Software LibrariesΒΆ

GStreamer Infrastructure plug-ins in VVAS serve as generic plugins that interface with an acceleration kernel through a set of APIs exposed by the corresponding acceleration software library. They abstract the core functionality of the GStreamer framework, such as buffer management and caps negotiation.

Acceleration software libraries, on the other hand, control the acceleration kernel by handling tasks such as register programming and implementing necessary core logic to execute specific functions. These libraries expose a simplified interface, which is utilized by the GStreamer infrastructure plugins to interact with the acceleration kernel. When used together, they enable a GStreamer-based application to leverage accelerated functionality.

Example pipelines utilizing GStreamer infrastructure plugins and acceleration software libraries will be covered later in this section. The vvas-gst-plugins folder within the vvas source code tree contains the available GStreamer infrastructure plugins, and each plugin will be described in detail in the following section.