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The Xilinx� LogiCORE IP Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC RF Data Converter IP core provides a configurable wrapper to allow the RF DAC and RF ADC blocks to be used in IP Integrator designs. Multiple tiles are available on each RFSoC and each tile can have a number of data converters (analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog (DAC)). The RF ADCs can sample input frequencies up to 4 GHz at 4 GSPS with excellent noise spectral density. The RF DACs generate output carrier frequencies up to 4 GHz using the 2nd Nyquist zone with excellent noise spectral density at an update rate of 6.4 GSPS. The RF data converters also include power efficient digital down-converters (DDCs) and digital up-converters (DUCs) that include programmable interpolation and decimation, NCO and complex mixer. The DDCs and DUCs can also support dual-band operation. A maximum of 4 tiles are available on for DAC and ADC operations each. Each tile can have a maximum of 4 blocks/slices. This driver provides APIs to configure various functionalities. Similarly the driver provides APIs to read back configurations. Some of the features that the driver supports are: 1) Setting up and reading back fine mixer settings 2) Setting up and reading back coarse mixer settings 3) Reading back interpolation or decimation factors 4) Setting up and reading back QMC settings which include gain, phase etc 5) Setting up and reading back decoder mode settings 6) Setting up and reading back coarse delay settings All the APIs implemented in the driver provide appropriate range checks. An API has been provided for debug purpose which will dump all registers for a requested tile. Inline functions have also been provided to read back the parameters initially configured through the GUI.

There are plans to add more features, e.g. Support for multi band, PLL configurations etc.

Ver   Who    Date     Changes

1.0 sk 05/16/17 Initial release 2.0 sk 08/09/17 Fixed coarse Mixer configuration settings CR# 977266, 977872. Return error for Slice Event on 4G ADC Block. Corrected Interrupt Macro names and values. 08/16/17 Add support for SYSREF and PL event sources. 08/18/17 Add API to enable and disable FIFO. 08/23/17 Add API to configure Nyquist zone. 08/30/17 Add additional info to BlockStatus. 08/30/17 Add support for Coarse Mixer BYPASS mode. 08/31/17 Removed Tile Reset Assert and Deassert. 09/07/17 Add support for negative NCO freq. 09/15/17 Fixed NCO freq precision issue. 09/15/17 Fixed Immediate Event source issue and also updated the Immediate Macro value to 0. 2.1 sk 09/15/17 Remove Libmetal library dependency for MB. 09/18/17 Add API to clear the interrupts. sk 09/21/17 Add BAREMETAL compiler flag option for Baremetal. sk 09/21/17 Add support for Over voltage and Over Range interrupts. sk 09/22/17 Add s64 typedef for Linux. sk 09/24/17 Fixed Get_Tile/BlockBaseAddr always giving ADC related address. sk 09/25/17 Modified XRFdc_GetBlockStatus API to give correct information and also updates the description for Vector Param in intr handler Add API to get Output current and removed GetTermVoltage and GetOutputCurr inline functions. 2.2 sk 10/05/17 Fixed XRFdc_GetNoOfADCBlocks API for 4GSPS. Enable the decoder clock based on decoder mode. Add API to get the current FIFO status. Updated XRFdc_DumpRegs API for better readability of output register dump. Add support for 4GSPS CoarseMixer frequency. 10/11/17 Modify float types to double to increase precision. 10/12/17 Update BlockStatus API to give current status. In BYPASS mode, input datatype can be Real or IQ hence checked both while reading the mixer mode. 10/17/17 Fixed Set Threshold API Issue. 2.2 sk 10/18/17 Add support for FIFO and DATA overflow interrupt 2.3 sk 11/06/17 Fixed PhaseOffset truncation issue. Provide user configurability for FineMixerScale. 11/08/17 Return error for DAC R2C mode and ADC C2R mode. 11/10/17 Corrected FIFO and DATA Interrupt masks. 11/20/17 Fixed StartUp, Shutdown and Reset API for Tile_Id -1. 11/20/17 Remove unwanted ADC block checks in 4GSPS mode. 3.0 sk 12/11/17 Added DDC and DUC support. 12/13/17 Add CoarseMixMode field in Mixer_Settings structure. 12/15/17 Add support to switch calibration modes. 12/15/17 Add support for mixer frequencies > Fs/2 and < -Fs/2. sg 13/01/18 Added PLL and external clock switch support Added API to get PLL lock status. Added API to get clock source. sk 01/18/18 Add API to get driver version. 3.1 jm 01/24/18 Add Multi-tile sync support. sk 01/25/18 Updated Set and Get Interpolation/Decimation factor API's to consider the actual factor value. 3.2 sk 02/02/18 Add API's to configure inverse-sinc. sk 02/27/18 Add API's to configure Multiband. sk 03/09/18 Update PLL structure in XRFdc_DynamicPLLConfig API. sk 03/09/18 Update ADC and DAC datatypes in Mixer API and use input datatype for ADC in threshold and QMC APIs. sk 03/09/18 Removed FIFO disable check in DDC and DUC APIs. sk 03/09/18 Add support for Marker event source for DAC block. jm 03/12/18 Fixed DAC latency calculation in MTS. jm 03/12/18 Added support for reloading DTC scans. jm 03/12/18 Add option to configure sysref capture after MTS. sk 03/22/18 Updated PLL settings based on latest IP values. 4.0 sk 04/09/18 Added API to enable/disable the sysref. sk 04/09/18 Updated max VCO to 13108MHz to support max DAC sample rate of 6.554MHz. rk 04/17/18 Adjust calculated latency by sysref period, where doing so results in closer alignment to the target latency. sk 04/17/18 Corrected Set/Get MixerSettings API description for FineMixerScale parameter. sk 04/19/18 Enable VCO Auto selection while configuring the clock. sk 04/24/18 Add API to get PLL Configurations. sk 04/24/18 Add API to get the Link Coupling mode. sk 04/28/18 Implement timeouts for PLL Lock, Startup and shutdown. sk 05/30/18 Removed CalibrationMode check for DAC. sk 06/05/18 Updated minimum Ref clock value to 102.40625MHz. 5.0 sk 06/25/18 Update DAC min sampling rate to 500MHz and also update VCO Range, PLL_DIVIDER and PLL_FPDIV ranges. Update PLL structure with calculated sampling rate. sk 06/25/18 Add XRFdc_GetFabClkOutDiv() API to read fabric clk div. Add Inline APIs XRFdc_CheckBlockEnabled(), XRFdc_CheckTileEnabled(). sk 07/06/18 Add support to dump HSCOM regs in XRFdc_DumpRegs() API sk 07/12/18 Fixed Multiband crossbar settings in C2C mode. sk 07/19/18 Add MixerType member to MixerSettings structure and Update Mixer Settings APIs to consider the MixerType variable. sk 07/19/18 Add XRFdc_GetMultibandConfig() API to read Multiband configuration. sk 07/20/18 Update the APIs to check the corresponding section (Digital/Analog)enable/disable. sk 07/26/18 Fixed Doxygen, coverity warnings. sk 08/03/18 Fixed MISRAC warnings. sk 08/24/18 Move mixer related APIs to xrfdc_mixer.c file. Define asserts for Linux, Re-arranged XRFdc_RestartIPSM, XRFdc_CfgInitialize() and XRFdc_MultiBand() APIs. Reorganize the code to improve readability and optimization. mus 08/17/18 Removed structure paddings from XRFdc_Config structure. It has been done to have 1:1 mapping between XRFdc_Config structure and device tree property "param-list", over linux platform. sk 09/24/18 Update powerup-state value based on PLL mode in XRFdc_DynamicPLLConfig() API. sk 10/10/18 Check for DigitalPath enable in XRFdc_GetNyquistZone() and XRFdc_GetCalibrationMode() APIs for Multiband. sk 10/13/18 Add support to read the REFCLKDIV param from design. Update XRFdc_SetPLLConfig() API to support range of REF_CLK_DIV values(1 to 4). Add XRFDC_MIXER_MODE_R2R option to support BYPASS mode for Real input. 5.1 cog 01/29/19 Replace structure reference ADC checks with function. cog 01/29/19 Added XRFdc_SetDither() and XRFdc_GetDither() APIs. cog 01/29/19 Rename DataType for mixer input to MixerInputDataType for readability. cog 01/29/19 Refactoring of interpolation and decimation APIs and changed fabric rate for decimation X8 for non-high speed ADCs. cog 01/29/19 New inline functions to determine max & min sampling rates. 6.0 cog 02/17/19 Added Inverse-Sinc Second Nyquist Zone Support cog 02/17/19 Added new clock Distribution functionality. cog 02/17/19 Refactored to improve delay balancing in clock distribution. cog 02/17/19 Added delay calculation & metal log messages. cog 02/17/19 Added Intratile clock settings. cog 02/17/19 XRFdc_GetPLLConfig() now uses register values to get the PLL configuration for new IPs and is no longer static. cog 02/17/19 Refactoring of interpolation and decimation APIs and changed fabric rate for decimation X8 for non-high speed ADCs. cog 02/17/19 Added XRFdc_SetIMRPassMode() and XRFdc_SetIMRPassMode() APIs cog 02/17/19 Added XRFdc_SetDACMode() and XRFdc_GetDACMode() APIs cog 02/17/19 Added XRFdc_SetSignalDetector() and XRFdc_GetSignalDetector() APIs cog 02/17/19 Added XRFdc_DisableCoefficientsOverride(), XRFdc_SetCalCoefficients and XRFdc_GetCalCoefficients APIs. cog 02/19/19 New definitions for clock detection. 6.0 cog 02/20/19 Added handling for new ADC common mode over/under voltage interrupts. cog 02/20/19 XRFdc_GetIntrStatus now populates a pointer with the status and returns an error code. cog 02/20/19 XRFdc_IntrClr, XRFdc_IntrDisable and XRFdc_IntrEnable now return error codes. cog 02/21/19 Added XRFdc_SetCalFreeze() and XRFdc_GetCalFreeze() APIs cog 04/15/19 Rename XRFdc_SetDACMode() and XRFdc_GetDACMode() APIs to XRFdc_SetDataPathMode() and XRFdc_GetDataPathMode() respectively. 7.0 cog 05/13/19 Formatting changes. cog 05/13/19 Added new bock MACROs. cog 05/13/19 XRFdc_CheckTileEnabled(), XRFdc_IsDACBlockEnabled(), XRFdc_IsADCBlockEnabled(), XRFdc_IsDACDigitalPathEnabled() & XRFdc_IsADCDigitalPathEnabled() APIs now derive answer from DRP rather than context structure. cog 06/12/19 Fixed issue where positive NCO frequencies were not being set correctly. cog 07/14/19 Added new off mode for mixers (both mixers off). cog 07/16/19 The powerup state is not necessary to be checked for the tile/block/digital path enabled functions and had potential to cause lockout. cog 07/16/19 Added XRFdc_SetDACOpCurr() API. cog 07/18/19 Added XRFdc_S/GetDigitalStepAttenuator() APIs. cog 07/25/19 Added new XRFdc_RegisterMetal() API to register RFDC with Libmetal. cog 07/25/19 Moved XRFDC_PLL_LOCK_DLY_CNT macro from source file. cog 07/26/19 Added new XRFdc_S/GetLegacyCompatibilityMode() APIs. cog 07/29/19 Added XRFdc_GetEnabledInterrupts() API. cog 08/02/19 Formatting changes and added a MACRO for the IP generation. cog 09/01/19 Changed the MACRO for turning off the mixer. cog 09/01/19 XRFdc_CheckTileEnabled(), XRFdc_IsDACBlockEnabled(), XRFdc_IsADCBlockEnabled(), XRFdc_IsDACDigitalPathEnabled() & XRFdc_IsADCDigitalPathEnabled() APIs now get answer from context structure. cog 09/01/19 Rename new XRFdc_S/GetLegacyCompatibilityMode() APIs to XRFdc_S/GetDACCompMode(). cog 09/01/19 Rename XRFdc_S/GetDigitalStepAttenuator() APIs to XRFdc_S/GetDSA(). Also, add new XRFdc_DSA_Settings structure. cog 09/12/19 Swapped MIXER_TYPE_OFF and MIXER_TYPE_DISABLED macros. cog 09/18/19 Minumum output divider is now 1 for Gen 3 devices. cog 09/18/19 Changed clock distribution macros, also removed prototype for a function that is now static. cog 10/02/19 Added macros for the clock divider. cog 10/02/19 Added macro for fabric rate of 16. cog 10/02/19 Added macros for new VCO ranges. 7.1 cog 11/14/19 Increased ADC fabric read rate to 12 words per cycle for Gen 3 devices. cog 11/15/19 Added macros for calibration mode support for Gen 3 devices. cog 11/28/19 Datapath mode macros have been changed to reflect the new functionality. cog 01/08/20 Added programmable hysteresis counters for ADC signal detector. cog 01/23/20 Calibration modes for Gen 3 were inverted. 8.0 cog 02/10/20 Updated addtogroup and added s16 typedef. cog 02/10/20 Added Silicon revison to dirver structures to allow discrimation between engineering sample & production silicon. cog 02/17/20 Driver now gets tile/path enables from the bitfile. cog 02/20/20 Added macros for Clock Gater handling. cog 03/05/20 IMR datapath modes require the frequency word to be doubled. cog 03/20/20 Updated PowerState masks for Gen 3 Devices. 8.1 cog 06/24/20 Upversion. cog 06/24/20 Expand range of DSA for production Si. cog 06/24/20 Expand range of VOP for production Si. cog 06/24/20 MB config is now read from bitstream. cog 06/24/20 Added observation FIFO and decimation functionality. cog 06/24/20 Added channel powerdon functionality. cog 06/24/20 Refactor to functionaize the FIFO width setting. cog 08/04/20 Added multiband macros. cog 09/08/20 The Four LSBs of the BLDR Bias Current should be the same as the four LSBs of the CS Gain. cog 09/28/20 Change XRFdc_IsHighSpeedADC to accomodate 43dr parts. cog 10/05/20 Change shutdown end state for Gen 3 Quad ADCs to reduce power consumption. cog 10/14/20 Get I and Q data now supports warm bitstream swap. 9.0 cog 11/25/20 Upversion. 10.0 cog 11/26/20 Refactor and split files. cog 11/27/20 Added functionality for 6xdr devices. cog 12/02/20 Supplied FS was being saved rather than actual FS when setting PLL. cog 12/04/20 Reduce scope of non user interface macros. cog 01/05/21 Signal detector on/off counters needed to be flipped. cog 01/05/21 Second signal detector removed. cog 01/06/21 Added DAC data scaler APIs. cog 01/11/21 Tuning for autocalibration. cog 02/10/21 Added custom startup API. cog 03/08/21 MTS now scans reference tile first. This has required a change to the prototype of XRFdc_MultiConverter_Init. cog 03/12/21 Tweaks for improved calibration performance. cog 05/05/21 Fixed issue where driver was attempting to start ADC 3 for DFE variants. cog 05/05/21 Rename the MAX/MIN macros to avoid potential conflicts. 11.0 cog 05/31/21 Upversion. cog 07/12/21 Simplified clock distribution user interface. cog 08/18/21 Disallow VOP for DC coupled DACs. 11.1 cog 11/16/21 Upversion. cog 11/26/21 Header file clean up, this fixes a C++ compilation issue. cog 11/26/21 Pack all structs for RAFT compatibility. cog 12/06/21 Rearrange XRFdc_Distribution_Settings. cog 01/18/22 Added safety checks. 12.0 cog 10/26/22 Added API XRFdc_GetCoupling(), this gets the ADC or DAC coupling. cog 01/07/23 Added VOP support for DC coupled DACs and removed VOP support for ES1 Parts.