Runtime-First FPGA Interchange Routing Contest

Sponsored by; contest hosted at the FPGA24 conference.

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Contest Results: Top 5 Teams

Congratulations to the following teams!

For an overview of the reuslts, please see these slides presented at the ISFPGA conference.

The following slides and videos posted with permission from and attributed to the corresponding teams.

GRoute (University of Guelph)

Team members: Dani Maarouf, Timothy Martin, Charlotte Barnes
Advisors: Shawki Areibi, Gary Grewal

Overview Video

CUFR (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Team members: Xinshi Zang, Wenhao Lin, Shiju Lin, Qin Luo
Advisor: Evangeline F.Y. Young

Overview Video

AceRoute (Peking University/DeePoly Technology)

Team members: Ziyun Zhang*, Xinming Wei*, Sunan Zou*, Jiaxi Zhang*, Ping Fan+
Advisor: Guojie Luo*
*Peking University, +DeePoly Technology Inc.

Overview Video

Team Cuckoo (Peking University)

Team members: Jiarui Wang, Xun Jiang, Chunyuan Zhao
Advisor: Yibo Lin

Overview Video

Hao^3 (University of Science and Technology of China)

Team members: Wenbin Teng, Qianyu Cheng, Zhendong Zheng, Binze Jiang, Yixuan Zhu, Zihan Wang
Advisors: Chao Wang, Teng Wang

Overview Video