Kria™ KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit Defect Detection Tutorial

Known Issues and Limitations

First review the FAQ for commonly encountered issues across the Kria SOM applications.


The Defect Detection algorithm is evolving and will be updated in further releases. The present algorithm has the following limitations:

  • Only the MIPI interface camera is supported in this design.

  • Sensors other than AR0144 are not supported in this design.

  • This design has been validated only with 1280x800 resolution.

  • This design supports only GRAY8 (Y8) format.

  • System is not intelligent enough to identify whether the input is a mango. Therefore, pass only mangoes as input.

  • Input to the system must only be one mango at a time.

  • The mango background should be black.

Known Issues

The known issues with the Defect Detection application are as follows:

  • For some mangoes, defects at the corner of the mangoes are not detected by the current defect detection algorithm.

  • Contours might be detected at the edges of the mangoes.

  • While running the application, you can see the following error message which can be ignored.

    /opt/xilinx/kv260-defect-detect/bin/ 38: Syntax error: "(" unexpected
  • On some monitors, you might see the following error during modetest; it can be ignored:

    ubuntu@kria:~$ modetest -M xlnx -D B0010000.v_mix -s 52@40:3840x2160@NV16
    setting mode 3840x2160-30.00Hz on connectors 52, crtc 40
    failed to set gamma: Function not implemented

Next Steps

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