NLP SmartVision

The natural language processing (NLP) SmartVision implements keyword spotting (KWS) on the processing system (PS) and face detection, objectdetect, platedetect running on the programmable logic (PL). It showcases keywords based on dynamic switching between multiple tasks and modifying display properties.

NLP SmartVision



  • Live video capture from Raspberry Pi Camera and USB webcam along with AR1335

  • Live audio capture from USB Microphone

  • 1024x768 resolution images

  • DisplayPort and HDMI out

  • User programmable Deep Learning models


AMD Support

This 22.1 guide and prebuilt is target for Ubuntu. The previous version of this application (21.1) is targeted to Petalinux and is still available at GitHub issues will be used for tracking requests and bugs. For questions, go to


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