Kria™ KV260 Vision AI Starter Kit NLP SmartVision Tutorial

Software Architecture of the Accelerator

Software Architecture of the Accelerator


This document describes the software architecture of the NLP SmartVision accelerator application.

Software Platform and Dependencies

We leverage the OpenCV multi-media orchestration platform for application software development. cv::VideoCapture is used to read from Video capture pipeline. the captured buffer is sent to DPU after the CPU pre-processing. The DPU returns meta data and CPU handles post-processing to render the output buffer. cv::VideoWrite sends the buffer to KMS Sink to display it on the DP/HDMI monitor.

ARM CMSIS for implementing Keyword spotting.

Vitis AI 2.5.0 is the core underlying component to access the AI inference capability provides by Xilinx DPU.

Video Pipeline

Overall video data flow

Overall video data flow

NLP SmartVision Accelerated Application supports live audio, video inputs from USB Microphone and MIPI respectively.

MIPI source will output the frames with NV12 format which in turn are processed to BGR frames by VPSS.

Gstreamer pipeline of the application

Gstreamer pipeline of the application

Three AI tasks are supported: Facedetect, Objectdetect, Platedetect.

Additional GStreamer component used



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