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xrfdc_read_write_example.c File Reference


This example uses multiple driver "set" APIs to configure the targeted AMS block.

Subsequently it uses "get" APIs to read back the configurations to ensure that the desired configurations are applied.

For DAC it sets the following configurations: MixerSettings, QMCSettings, Write Fabricrate, Decoder mode, Output Current and Coarse Delay.

For ADC it sets the following configurations: MixerSettings, QMCSettings, Read Fabricrate and Threshold Settings. This example shows how to change the configurations for ADC and DAC using driver functions.

NOTE: The purpose of the example is to show how to use the driver APIs. For real user scenarios this example will not be relevant.

For zcu111 board users are expected to define XPS_BOARD_ZCU111 macro while compiling this example.

Ver   Who    Date     Changes

1.0 sk 05/15/17 First release 1.1 sk 08/09/17 Modified the example to support both Linux and Baremetal. sk 08/23/17 Add Nyquist Zone test case. sk 09/25/17 Add GetOutput Current test case. 2.4 sk 12/11/17 Add test case for DDC and DUC. 3.2 sk 03/01/18 Add test case for Multiband. 4.0 sd 04/28/18 Add Clock configuration support for ZCU111. sd 05/15/18 Updated Clock configuration for lmk. 5.0 sk 07/20/18 Update mixer settings test cases to consider MixerType. sk 08/03/18 For baremetal, add metal device structure for rfdc device and register the device to libmetal generic bus. mus 08/18/18 Updated to remove xparameters.h dependency for linux platform. sk 09/07/18 Modified phasecorrection factor as per QMC Phase correction factor range in driver 5.1 cog 01/29/19 Fixed some comments. 7.0 cog 07/25/19 Updated example for new metal register API. 7.1 cog 07/25/19 Updated example for Gen 3 compatibility. 8.0 cog 04/03/20 Updated example for 48dr compatibility. 8.1 cog 06/29/20 Always register metal device in baremetal. cog 07/03/20 The metal_phys parameter is baremetal only. cog 08/04/20 Connected Q data for Dual DACs should be block 2. cog 08/28/20 Make suitable for the default Petalinux designs for Gen 1/2 devices. cog 09/21/20 Fixed case where partial reconfiguration was being implemented.



int main (void)
 Main function that invokes the polled example in this file. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( void  )

Main function that invokes the polled example in this file.

  • XRFDC_SUCCESS if the example has completed successfully.
  • XRFDC_FAILURE if the example has failed.