Xilinx Vitis Drivers API Documentation
xrfdc_selftest_example.c File Reference


This file contains a selftest example for using the rfdc hardware and RFSoC Data Converter driver.

This example does some writes to the hardware to do some sanity checks. To remove external dependencies, this test does not require the IP state machine to complete (i.e. this is configuration only).

Ver   Who    Date     Changes

1.0 sk 05/25/17 First release 1.1 sk 08/09/17 Modified the example to support both Linux and Baremetal. 4.0 sd 04/28/18 Add Clock configuration support for ZCU111. sd 05/15/18 Updated Clock configuration for lmk. 5.0 sk 08/03/18 For baremetal, add metal device structure for rfdc device and register the device to libmetal generic bus. mus 08/18/18 Updated to remove xparameters.h dependency for linux platform. 7.0 cog 07/25/19 Updated example for new metal register API. 7.1 cog 12/09/19 Added routing of clocks for ZCU216. 8.1 cog 06/29/20 Changing setlftest to a test with no external dependencies. The previous example including clocking will be in supplemental example(s). cog 07/03/20 The metal_phys parameter is baremetal only.



int main (void)
 Main function that invokes the polled example in this file. More...

Function Documentation

int main ( void  )

Main function that invokes the polled example in this file.

  • XRFDC_SUCCESS if the example has completed successfully.
  • XRFDC_FAILURE if the example has failed.