Dataflow compiler for QNN inference on FPGAs

This project is maintained by Xilinx

Who are we?

The FINN team consists of members of AMD Research under Ralph Wittig (AMD Research & Advanced Development) and members of Custom & Strategic Engineering under Allen Chen, working very closely with the Pynq team.

The FINN Team (AMD Research and Advanced Development)

From top left to bottom right: Yaman Umuroglu, Michaela Blott, Thomas Preusser, Jakoba Petri-Koenig, Lucian Petrica, Nicholas Fraser, Linus Witschen, Ken O’Brien, Tobias Alonso Pugliese, Petra Hrg

The FINN Team (Custom & Strategic Engineering)

From top left to bottom right: Eamonn Dunbar, Kasper Feurer, Aziz Bahri, John Monks, Mirza Mrahorovic