Dataflow compiler for QNN inference on FPGAs

This project is maintained by Xilinx

What is FINN?


FINN is an experimental framework from Xilinx Research Labs to explore deep neural network inference on FPGAs. It specifically targets quantized neural networks, with emphasis on generating dataflow-style architectures customized for each network. It is not intended to be a generic DNN accelerator like xDNN, but rather a tool for exploring the design space of DNN inference accelerators on FPGAs.


Who are we?

The FINN team is part of Xilinx’s CTO group under Ivo Bolsens (CTO) and Kees Vissers (Fellow) and working very closely with the Pynq team and Kristof Denolf and Jack Lo for integration with video processing.

The FINN Team

From left to right: Lucian Petrica, Giulio Gambardella, Alessandro Pappalardo, Ken O’Brien, Michaela Blott, Nick Fraser, Yaman Umuroglu