Boot Image Recovery Tool


The Kria Starter Kit solution stack includes an Ethernet based recovery tool called Boot Image Recovery Tool that can be used in conjunction with a standard web-browser on a Host PC to provide direct update of the Kria user A/B boot firmware partitions and the corresponding persistent register information. The recovery tool is maintained in a reserved section of the QSPI memory and is intended as a platform recovery mechanism is there is an issue with the normal A/B boot FW update mechanism.

Boot Image Recovery Tool is an application that runs a simplified Ethernet stack for interacting with a user’s host machine (e.g. laptop) to allow a manual update/overwrite of Image A and Image B on QSPI on SOM. The recovery tool updates the corresponding A/B persistent registers to an appropriate state based on the user actions in the web UI. A user can also override the QSPI persistent register states via the WebUI.

The Boot Image Recovery Tool requires no incremental tools on the customer PC besides a web-browser with a fixed IP address of The user PC must have access to the new firmware binary file (BOOT.BIN). AMD distributes boot FW and “factory boot file” updates to the Kria Wiki. The Boot Image Recovery Tool writes the a given BOOT.BIN to QSPI physical address based on the image target selection made in the web UI.

The Boot Image Recovery Tool can read the sideband control EEPROMs to verify the make and model of the Kria target. The Boot Image Recovery Tool is initiated by holding the FWUEN button during power-on/reset or if both Image A and Image B becomes unbootable.

Because both Boot Image Recovery Tool and Image Update can update Image A/B persistent register, here’s a table explaining their differences.

Boot Image Recovery Tool Image Update Utility
Updates Image A/B? Y Y
Updates Persistent Register? Y Y
Reflash QSPI? N N
Launched by FWUpdate Button Y N
SW stack A baremetal application A Linux application that runs under xmutil FWUpdate
Usage Used when board is in a bad state Used when board is in functional state

Boot Image Recovery Tool Compilation Procedure (Makefile Flow)

Note that the Makefile below requires tools that are placed in the path by sourcing PetaLinux, or Vitis, or Vivado settings64.* file.

Open a linux terminal

git clone --branch xlnx_rel_v<version>
cd embeddedsw/lib/sw_apps/img_rcvry/src
make clean all

Source code for Boot Image Recovery Tool can be browsed at github.


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