Stitching QSPI Image


This page outlines the process to re-create a QSPI image for Kria SOM Starter kits to help developers create their own QSPI image to use with their custom carrier cards. Yocto support for generating Kria SOM Starter Kit QSPI image only starts in 2023.1, previous versions do not have support.


As outlined in bootfw overview, Kria SOM Starter Kit QSPI image is stitched together from several components. The overview also provides the QSPI memory map that Kria Starter Kit QSPI binaries follow. The rest of the bootfw documentation also outlined process to individually generate each components.

This document details a Yocto Flow that automates the generation of those binary files and stitch them together.

Step 1: Preparing the Build Environment

Before continuing, go through the Yocto support on Kria and finish prepare the build environment section.

Step 2: Build the image

To build QSPI image use below command for 2023.1 and later:

MACHINE=k26-smk bitbake kria-qspi #for K26
MACHINE=k24-smk bitbake kria-qspi #for K24

The resulting QSPI image kria-qspi-k2*-smk.bin and its artifacts can be found in $TMPDIR/deploy/images/k2*-smk, and $TMPDIR is defined in build/conf/local.conf. Note that the fsbl file fsbl-k2*-smk.elf may also be needed in the QSPI programming steps. This image universally supports all the Starter Kits based on the SOM, as well as both StarterKit SOM and Production SOM.

To only build the boot.bin:

MACHINE=k26-smk bitbake xilinx-bootbin #for K26
MACHINE=k24-smk bitbake xilinx-bootbin #for K24

The resulting boot.bin image BOOT-k2*-smk.bin and its artifacts can be found in $TMPDIR/deploy/images/k2*-smk, and $TMPDIR is defined in build/conf/local.conf


  1. If you see the error error loading hsi package: couldn't load file "" , it maybe missing libtinfo5 library which can be installed with sudo apt-get install -y libtinfo5


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