Internal Design of CDS Engine



The host code (main.cpp) contains the OpenCL calls to invoke the CDS kernel and test for accuracy compared to the CPU model (cpu.cpp).

The golden results for the CDS spread have been obtained from the DG300 functions excel spreadsheet accompanying the John Hull’s “Options, Futures and other Derivatives” book.


The kernel (CDS_kernel.cpp) is configured using the defines specified within the cds_engine_kernel.hpp file.

These defines are used to specify the length of the term structure of interest rates (IRLEN), term strcuture of hazard rates (HAZARDLEN) and the number of CDS spread values (N) calculated by the kernel during a single execution.

The kernel returns an array of CDS fair values spread and takes the following list of inputs:

  • a term structure of interest rates
  • a term structure of hazard rates
  • an array of notional values
  • an array of recovery rates
  • an array of maturities or life of the CDS
  • an array of pay off frequencies (either 1, 2, 4 or 12 months)