Debug GotchasΒΆ

  • Check cfg_function_status signal.
    • The output of this signal indicates the states of Command Register bits in the PCI Configuration Space of each function: I/O Space Enable, Memory Space Enable, Bus Master Enable and INTx Disable; for details, see: PG343.

  • Use the following signals to trigger ILA when the width or speed change happen.
    • cfg_negotiated_width

    • cfg_current_speed

  • Check cfg_local_error_out signal to see if there is any local errors e.g. Link Replay Timeout, Link Reply Rollover etc.
    • For more details, see PG343.

  • If you need to trigger ILA at certain ltssm state, use cfg_ltssm_state signal.
    • For encoding value for each state, see PG343.